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                    Frequently Asked Question's


  • Q: Can I donate anytime of the year?

  • A: We take monetary donations all year long! Find the details here: CLICK HERE.

  • Q: How do you find the Soldiers to whom you ship?

  • A: We receive addresses from previously deployed Soldiers as well as local family members of those who serve overseas during the year of the project. If you have a loved one in the Military who will be away this Christmas, please contact us: CLICK HERE.


  • Q: How do you choose which items you collect?

  • A: Each year we attempt to meet the needs of the Troops receiving the packages.


  • Q: Why can't I donate _____? (insert the item of your choosing that is not on our list)

  • A: We strive to package the same goodies for every Soldier. It helps with morale. Therefore we collect anywhere from 800 to 3,000 of the items on our list. If you have over 1,000 of a specific item to donate, please contact us: CLICK HERE.


  • Q: What is the best way to get involved with your organization?

  • A: Check out the site, see what fits best for you and your interests. You could start your own local collection in your area to support our cause. You could get your children's school involved with making Christmas cards. You could help make cookies!!

       CLICK HERE for instructions on the types of cookies and proper packaging.


  • Q: What do you do if you receive unrequested items?

  • A: We ensure that every item donated benefits a good cause. Some unrequested items are placed into what we call "Community Boxes", which are shipped to the Troop and the items can then be shared. Food items that we cannot use go to shelters and the Food Bank. Other unrequested items are donated to shelters or local families in need.


  • Q: Why do you ask for specific types of cookies?

  • A: Through years of sending them overseas, these flavors have proved to be the most durable and arrive more frequently intact.


  • Q: What do you spend each year to ship and why can't the Military do it for you?

  • A: At this point, 2018, we spend an average of $8,200 to ship the care packages. We must ship through USPS and to date, they have been unable to provide any discount. The Military, for understandable reasons, cannot take possession and responsibility for shipments from Civilians. The safety and security of our Soldiers are paramount and I appreciate that aspect of their security.


  • Q: Why such specific requirements for packaging the cookies?

  • A: We place two packages of nine cookies, of different flavors, into a cheese box and wrap the rolls of cookies in bubble wrap. This has greatly improved the "survival" rate of the cookies. The wrapping request is specific to the dimensions and capacity of the boxes in which the cookies travel. Cookies that are too large or too fat must be packaged and shipped separately.


If you have any questions which are not answered here, please contact us here: CLICK HERE.


As always, I am grateful for any and all assistance with our projects. Thank you for the continued support.


~ ~ Never Forgotten Forever Grateful ~ ~


Kim Boucek , Founder

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