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Cookie Collection

Cookie Collection

Homemade cookies are a favorite of our Troops, so feel free to bake at anytime. Just package them as described below, freeze them and check back for future drop off dates and locations. There are very specific instructions for the cookies as well as packaging instructions. Since we pack each Soldier 1& ½ dozen cookies, please try to keep your cookies uniform and under 3" in diameter so that they will fit into their protective packaging.

Cookie Specifics

We specifically need cookies that are hard & durable. Remembering how far these cookies must go to reach their destinations and the fact that the transportation is often bumpy!!! Unfortunately, this leaves out sugar cookies. We have experimented with many different kinds throughout the years and the best travelers are:

~~ Chocolate Chip ~~ Oatmeal ~~ Peanut Butter ~~ Snicker doodles.

We package these valuable presents very specifically in order to encourage their survivability to their destination!!

So, there are two choices for donated cookies.

Preferred: place the cookies in stacks of 6 and then wrap them very tightly in saran wrap. Think of it as a 'tootsie roll' type of packaging. See the photos to help demonstrate what we need. The labeling is not necessary but helpful during our packing stage.

Second: if you would prefer to just put all your cookies into large Ziploc bags, we can re-package them on our end.

For information on drop off dates, times & location CLICK HERE

Please keep stacks to 6 - Cookies, unifrom in shape & under 3" in diameter for easy packing. Thx


6- Cookies

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