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You can support our Troops in many different ways through Boucek's Battalion.

This page describes the different items that we generally collect, the specific cookie baking and packaging instructions and other helpful information.


For information on drop off dates, times & locations, visit our "Projects" page or CLICK HERE

Item Collection

As of 2023, we will be redefining

   how we support U.S. Troops.

                  2024 Projects TBA.

    Please consider supporting our

  efforts through monetary donations

          and cookie collection!

If you would like updates as projects occur, sign up to be included on our

      email list by Clicking Here!

Cookie Collection

      Homemade cookies are a

        favorite of our Troops.

If you are interested in helping us

       to send cookies please

 CLICK HERE for instructions on the types of cookies and proper


Monetary Collection

     Monetary donations are greatly



For information on how to make your tax deductible donation CLICK HERE.


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